My art and writing are two channels I use to express gratitude for all the goodness in my life.  Being creative requires me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new avenues.  When I write and paint from the heart, everything makes sense.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share my joy with you.

With Gratitude


"Giving thanks for abundance is greater than the abundance itself."


Five things I am grateful for this afternoon:

  1. The summer bounty of vegetables from our local CSA.
  2. Having two of my daughters home this weekend.
  3. This book, which I can't put down.
  4. The window air conditioner, which makes sleeping at night easier during the summer months.
  5. This little guy, who is my faithful companion:



"All I know is that when I pray, coincidences happen; and when I don't pray, they don't happen." ~Dan Hayes

Two coincidences from this week:

  1.  I wished {prayed} that a weekly volunteer position would open up at Ann's Place, where I am a substitute receptionist.  A few hours later I was offered one.
  2. I wished {prayed}I could find a cookbook that focused on vegetables and included information about how to select, prep and cook them.  The next time I went to pick up my basket of goodness from the CSA I found this cookbook on their shelf.

Don't you love it when coincidences happen?

On this steamy summer day, what are you grateful for?  I'd love to know...

sharing not one but two nurturing thoughts this week with Becca.


Feel the Light

Giving Thanks