My art and writing are two channels I use to express gratitude for all the goodness in my life.  Being creative requires me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new avenues.  When I write and paint from the heart, everything makes sense.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share my joy with you.

On Friendship

One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.  ~Lucius Seneca Yesterday I spent the day with one of my oldest and dearest friends.  We had fallen out of touch in recent years...the busyness of everyday life turning the days into months, the months into years...and it was the recent news of my brother's illness that brought us back into contact with one another.  We met at a halfway point between our two homes and talked and talked. It was wonderful to reconnect, to exchange news of our children, our husbands, our lives.  Her friendship, our friendship, is one I cherish and treasure.

Today as I walked Popeye at our favorite walking spot I found myself thinking of how lucky I am.


There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. ~ Thomas Aquinas

Making friends was not easy for me when I was growing up.  I was a bundle of insecurities, confused by the mercurial nature of grade school friendships.  The word introvert was not part of the social lexicon back then.  I just considered myself awkward, constantly trying to find my footing.  As Popeye and I walked I marveled at how much the friendships I have made through the years have helped shape who I am today.  I am fortunate to have as friends women who are kind, compassionate, loyal, and true.  They are women of grace and I am blessed to have them in my life.


The language of friendship is not words but meanings.  ~ Henry David Thoreau

We have moved many times during our married life, and I have had to leave behind good friends more times than I would have liked.  It was never easy, saying goodbye, but through the years I have learned that with true friendships goodbye is never final.  As I watched the geese taking off for warmer climes, I realized that parting from friends physically does not necessarily mean that they don't remain in your life and especially in your heart.  I am blessed in that I have known the sweet experience of reconnecting with a friend after not speaking for a month, for a year, and immediately feeling as if it was only yesterday when we last talked.  The connection that initially brought us together is still vibrant and strong.


Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meaning that a new world is born.  ~ Anais Nin

As we said our goodbyes yesterday, my friend and I made a pinky swear that we would not allow so much time to pass again.  It is a promise I know we will keep, because with age comes the realization of how precious time is, especially time spent with friends, how valuable, nourishing and priceless.  I am already looking forward to the next time we meet.

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