My art and writing are two channels I use to express gratitude for all the goodness in my life.  Being creative requires me to step out of my comfort zone and explore new avenues.  When I write and paint from the heart, everything makes sense.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share my joy with you.

Gratitude Week 2018

Gratitude Week 2018

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“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” -Henry Ward Beecher

This week I have been participating in Gratitude Week with Michelle GD. Michelle offers this workshop each year and it is one I always look forward to. It comes at such a perfect time, a few weeks before the holidays begin. I like that I am able to carry the benefits of this practice through what is always a busy time of year, and I am thankful to her for offering this course.

I usually post my responses to the daily prompts on Instagram but today’s intrigued me and I thought it would be fun to share with you. Michelle writes:

Take a few deep breaths, noting the inhale as well as the exhale. 
With pen in hand, inhale and think ‘gratitude’ (you might say it aloud). 
As you exhale, write down whatever word/sentiment/feeling comes to mind. 
Do this for several breaths, as many as feels good for you.

I like this idea. First, as Michelle mentions in her letter today, breath is so rarely mentioned on gratitude lists even though it is so essential to our very being. True, right? It’s easy to remember the big ones - family, friends, health - but some of the smaller, quieter blessings go unmentioned.



i’m thankful for

the mistakes I have made in my life,

for they provided me with heart lessons

and helped me to grow.

my voice, for the joy it has provided

through the singing, the laughing,

the sharing of words,

the connection with others.



my hands,

for the holding on and letting go

the comfort they have offered loved ones

and the joy they have given me

as a tool for creativity.



for the pleasure I receive

when sharing a cup of tea

and good conversation

with a friend,

and the technology that allows me

to visit with my daughter,

as if she is just next door

and not thousands of miles away.



and finally for my faith

which has seen me through hardships

and heartache,

and has taught me to trust,

as well as for the silver lining

that always softly peeks behind

the storm clouds.

i am grateful.

{sharing with Michelle GD}

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“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel.”

-Maya Angelou



Taking Steps

Taking Steps